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Service Times: Sundays at 10:00am  |  Wednesdays at 7:00pm


​Pastors James and Debbie Watts welcome you to Grand View Church for a wonderful time of Worship and the Word!

Faith, Hope & Love in Action!​​

This Week at GVC

         March 24 - March 30



Worship Service                8;15am 

Nursery Only


Worship Service                10:00am

Sparks Ages 0-2         

Ignite  Ages 3-K

Blaze Grades 1-3 

Blast Grades 4-6                 
IMPACT Grades 7-12 



Church Office Closed



 Church Work Day             9:00am



Worship Service                7:00pm                 



Corporate Prayer              12:00pm              







Sunday at 8:15 & 10:00am | Wednesday at 7:00pm

Upcoming Events 


Work Day                                3/26


Kids PJ's & Pancackes            3/27


Dinner / Pastor Debbie            3/29


Baptism                                   3/31


Blood Mobile                           3/31


Men's Ministry                          4/6


Communion / Pantry Sunday   4/7


Palm Sunday                            4/14


Good Friday                             4/19


Easter Sunday                         4/21 


Mother's Day                            4/30






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Connect to the wonderful things God is doing in your church family.  As you put down your spiritual roots you will flourish as a believer.  And not just you, but your entire family.  It’s good to belong.  Discover your spiritual gifts and graces, make new friends, and be a vital part of the GVC Family.


“Connect” offers four simple steps to get plugged in:


1. Connect I “The GVC Way”—Orientation Meeting

     This is an informal question-and-answer meeting hosted by Pastors James and Debbie.          Meet the leadership, and get to know the history, culture, and vision of GVC.


2. Connect II “What We Believe”

      What we believe at GVC.  Become familiar with the foundational principles of our faith           and the culture of GVC.


      Discover your spiritual graces and personality profile.  These will help you                         understand your God-given spiritual graces and giftings.


3. Connect III “Get Plugged In”

      Philosophy of partnership.  Learn what it means to be spiritually planted in the house           and flourishing as a believer.


     Connect Celebration Dinner with the pastors.  Enjoy a special dinner with the pastors        to celebrate your completion of the “Connect” teaching series.


     Experience the fruit of this great decision as you add your supply of faithful support of the        GVC vision.


     Completing the “Connect” process and being “Plugged In” are essential for leadership.            Leadership is entrusted to those who are rooted in GVC with a proven track record of              service, stewardship, and honor.  The “Connect” process is necessary for all who look to        fulfill a teaching or leadership position at GVC.



Sign Up Today to "CONNECT"


Visit the Connection Center today and sign up for the next “Connect” series:


Connect I - “The GVC Way” - Orientation -

                     Tuesday, August 25 at 6:30-8:30 PM in the Friendship Center.


Connect II - “What We Believe” a five-week teaching offered on          

                     Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM or Tuesday evenings at 6:30PM: 


Sunday Morning  9:00-10:30 AM

Connect 2 –God’s Love                    August 30, 2015 

Connect 2 –Holy Spirit                      September 6, 2015

Connect 2—Word of God                 September 13, 2015

Connect 2 –Doctrines of Faith          September 20, 2015

Connect 2 –Stewardship                   September 27, 2015


Tuesday Evenings  6:30-8:30 PM

Connect 2 – God’s Love                   September 1, 2015 

Connect 2 –Holy Spirit                      September 8,2015

Connect 2 –Word of God                  September 15, 2015

Connect 2 –Doctrines of faith           September 22, 2015

Connect 2 –Stewardship                   September 29, 2015


Connect III - Partnership


Tuesday Evening  6:30-8:30 PM

Connect 3 Partnership                      October 6, 2015 –6:30-8:30


Connect Dinner                                 October 13, 2015  6:30—8:00